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Things to Practice if You Really Want to Excel in Life
Dr. Kori Propst
in Mental Edge
June 19, 2017
1 minute read
Kori Propst, PhD identifies 3 key factors for excelling in life and sustaining a high level of motivation to pursue your goals! What differentiates those who keep going and those who give up? Want to excel in life?
3 Ways to Overcome Obstacles
Dr. Kori Propst in Mental Edge
June 12, 2017 · 1 minute read
A client asked, “Given that nutrition/ sleep/ recovery are on point, but you mentally "psych yourself out" when going for a new PR on a squat- how do you overcome that? What specific mental state or focus tactic/mantra would be best?”
4 Ways to Move Past Perfectionism
Dr. Kori Propst
June 05, 2017 · 1 minute read
Perfectionism leaves zero room for joy, true mastery, enthusiasm, or growth. It stunts us from optimizing our potentials. So what can we do to move past it? Here are 4 big ideas to catapult the perfectionist out of your life.
What’s your Process?
Dr. Kori Propst in Mental Edge
May 29, 2017 · 1 minute read
What's your process? In this Motivational Mastery Episode we explore the typical sequence of events that lead to our behavior. If our behavior creates or establishes our identities, should we allow emotions to run the show?
Maintaining Your Mental Edge Post-Event
Dr. Kori Propst in Mental Edge
May 22, 2017 · 1 minute read
Ever wonder how to get through the POST-EVENT ENERGY SLUMP? Your Motivational Mastery Episode 10 focuses on this space we can so easily fall into after we accomplish a big goal or come out of an important event.
How to Proceed When It Gets Hard
Dr. Kori Propst in Mental Edge
May 15, 2017 · 1 minute read
When you have the tools and resources, but it just gets hard, what do you do? How do you proceed? Here are 5 big ideas for moving forward when you feel stuck, uncertain, or like you’re spinning your wheels.
Start Your Kids on a Healthy Path
Shane Early in Health
May 12, 2017 · 4 minutes read
Try to get your kids to try new things. Take them to the grocery store and get them to pick a new healthy food to try.
Meh, Overwhelm, & Shifting Your Mindset
Dr. Kori Propst in Mental Edge
May 08, 2017 · 1 minute read
If you have big goals, dreams, desires that require your attention, listen up. MEH has no place in the space we need to manifest the sustained motivation necessary for this! Getting out of the meh happens right now.
Micro Movements for Macro Improvements
Dr. Kori Propst in Mental Edge
May 01, 2017 · 1 minute read
Ever hear yourself say, "I'm starting over!" when you have had a setback, made a mistake, or didn't do what was aligned with your goal intentions? You're not alone. I hear it all the time from my clients.
Fear: How to Give it the Finger (Part 2)
Dr. Kori Propst in Mental Edge
April 26, 2017 · 1 minute read
6 Steps for Giving Fear the Finger! 1. Acknowledge your accomplishments 2. Identify how you've grown 3. Accept your next challenge 4. See your choice of fear vs freedom 5. Flip your perception 6. Concentrate on contribution
Purpose & Plateaus
Dr. Kori Propst in Mental Edge
April 24, 2017 · 2 minutes read
Dr. Kori explains why Your Goals Must Be Bigger than Body Fat.Want to feel like you're trudging through quicksand? I didn't think so! Here's what you get to do and how you want to think for high-performance motivation.
Fear: How to Give it The Finger (Part 1)
Dr. Kori Propst in Mental Edge
April 19, 2017 · 1 minute read
Fear of success? Hmm...Fear of being undeserving? Fear of only getting a taste? Fear of not being able to maintain the goal?If we’re experiencing fear, we’re allowing the wrong thoughts. Time to focus on our thought diets!