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12 Powerful Questions for Becoming Human

Dr. Kori Propst
in Mental Edge
February 08, 2018
2 minutes read

Today I wanted to give you a list of powerful questions that you can use to prompt some personal reflection. If you don’t already have a regular practice of checking in with yourself, I encourage you to start. Establishing a discipline of self-development and discovery can lead to a number of positive outcomes, and if you find that you keep doing the same thing repeatedly, these questions can help you shine the light on your blind spots. They’ll open the door for you to take stock of your personal belief systems, tendencies of behavior and thinking, mindsets you adopt in various contexts and within relationship, to name a few. These are the same questions I ask my Mindset & Motivation coaches here at The Diet Doc to reflect upon, so that they can be the best coaches possible. All you coaches out there, if you’re focused solely on helping clients, but you’re not taking the time to understand yourself, you’re doing your clients a disservice.

So here they are. Ready? Grab a notebook and write these down. Take a week for each question if you like. Let it be your guiding observation for seven days. Notice what you do and how you think as you move through your life—at work, at home, in your relationships. Have fun with this. You’re on a scavenger hunt!

• What is my approach in situations where I feel stuck?

• In relationships where there is tension, disagreement, or conflict, how do I respond? Do I have a tendency to judge the individual (or myself), dismiss them, or have compassion for who they are?

• Where would a bit more courage make the greatest difference in my life right now?

• How do I view the change process?

• When I encounter difficulty, what is the process I use to respond to the situation?

• What is my definition of collaboration? Does it involve agreement? Am I comfortable in situations where my client disagrees with me?

• Where might I aim for greater connection and understanding versus “being right”?

• Am I actively engaged in developing greater consciousness about the world around me, my internal landscape and implicit biases, and the lives of others?

• What are my strengths? Talents? Skills? Consider what others have complimented you about. How regularly do you call upon these capacities during challenging situations?

• Where does pressure come from?

• What is one word or phrase that represents my most important understanding of the world?

• How would I define mindset? (Don’t look it up—how would YOU define it?)

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