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Peak Mindset Coach Mathew Park interviews Dr. Kori Propst, a behavioral, mental, mind-body integration and athletic performance specialist. Kori has guided many athletes towards success and empowered people in different areas of life by her strategic plans. She's one of the top pro natural athletes in the world. Kori packs a powerful mind-mental punch with her empowering and inspiring energy and incredible knowledge on human behavioral science and how to live your best life! Get ready for massive motivation, rocking inspiration and valuable in how to step your life to the next level, bust through any obstacle and rock your dreams!

0:00:05 Mat introduces Dr. Kori Propst

0:03:15 Opening comments - Kori

0:05:15 Kori's move to San Diego

0:10:45 One of Kori's biggest challenges

0:14:30 The importance of mindfulness

0:19:55 Curiosity - Openess to the possibilities

0:21:20 Applying curiosity to life - accessing new options

0:26:00 Dealing with fear

0:29:30 Kori's daily routine

0:44:00 Teaching athletes to reach optimal mental potential

0:50:25 When an athlete hits a block

0:54:20 Current mentor?

1:01:30 Favorite books

1:02:50 Favorite Quote

1:03:15 What would Kori tell her 20-year-old self?

1:04:50 What contribution to the world if there were no limits?

1:06:50 Kori's current ventures

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