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Blogs by Vanessa Toolson

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Macronutrient Guide: Eat Fat to Burn Fat
Vanessa Toolson
in Health
September 16, 2015
2 minutes read
Stored fats are the body's energy reserve! Discover how your body burns fat and learn which fats to incorporate into your diet.
Macronutrient Guide: 'Face'ing the Facts of Protein
Vanessa Toolson in Health
September 01, 2015 · 3 minutes read
Learn to determine which foods are categorized as proteins and how to work them into your daily diet using the Plate Method!
Macronutrient Guide: Growing Carbohydrates
Vanessa Toolson in Health
August 25, 2015 · 2 minutes read
Learn what we mean when we talk about 'growing carbohydrates' and discover how these carbs affect your macronutrient counts!