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Before You Do Anything, Choose Your Attitude!

Attitude is a mode of being. It’s the way you dedicate yourself to a way of thinking and behaving and feeling. Attitude can be felt because there is an energy underneath it.

My question to you is whether you deliberately choose a specific attitude with which to start your day, with which to engage in a discussion with a colleague, with which to compose an email, with which to prepare your dinner…?

What might happen if you were more intentional in doing so?

Now, say that you choose to approach listening to and watching this video with a certain attitude. Perhaps you choose an attitude of openness. If so, now describe how I would know you are being open.

What does one who is “open” do, think, feel, say, express?

If you are being deliberately open and consciously practicing openness, what activities would you engage in?

Would you ask more questions? Would you make fewer assumptions and notice when you’re being black and white and unhelpfully judgmental?

If this is hard to answer, think of someone you know who is open. What makes you describe that person as open?

Might “open” be looked at differently by each person you know? Your friends and family members? Might one act embodying an attitude of openness be to ask your friends what open means to them?

This activity is designed to begin increasing your level of awareness. Part of becoming a fully alive, thriving, integrated human is to develop your capacity to reflect, take stock, and operate from a place of impartiality. This means not getting sucked into a valence of bad or good or black and white. It almost means developing the skill to position your attention where you need it to be to operate most effectively, in any situation. We are never going to be free from thinking with distortions or in biased ways. But we can start observing and noticing that we do and correct it… more often and more quickly!

Developing the capacity to hold multiple truths in our minds at one time is a skill and enhances our emotional intelligence.

Today, for one activity, pick your attitude beforehand.

Pick from this list to make it easier: compassion, zest, love, hope, inspiration, wonder, peace, diligence, industriousness, assertiveness, determinism, modesty, flexibility, responsibility, or humor…

Post what you discover!

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