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Dr. Joe

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Life Mastery Podcast 32
Motivational Mastery: Self-Control
In today's immediate gratification society, we can easily get what we want when we want it. And that can be a great thing...until it's not. When we're aiming for a big goal and we need to put our future self first in order to make wise decisions, impulsive actions don't work. We need self-control. We need discipline. We need willpower.
Life Mastery Podcast 31
Macro Mastery: Intermittent Fasting/Time-Restricted Eating
What qualifies a diet as intermittent fasting? What is time-restricted eating? Kori and Joe break down the pros and cons of both diet methods. Will you lose body fat faster? Can you build muscle and perform better with fewer meals and a restricted eating schedule? The answers might surprise you!
Life Mastery Podcast 30
Science or Fiction: HIIT - Best Cardio?
High-intensity exercise, specifically high-intensity interval training, has been the rage for years. Do you know the physiological mechanisms that make it different? Is it better? Learn how to double fat loss; learn how to avoid injury; and learn how to recover better!
Life Mastery Podcast 28
Fitness Entrepreneurship: Connect to Conquer
Connection is one of the three primary psychological needs of all people. Every decision, every motive, and every behavior hinge on these three needs. Are you recognizing that need in your clients or prospective clients?
Life Mastery Podcast 27
Motivational Mastery: Intuitive Macro-Based Dieting
What is intuitive eating, really?! The principles of intuitive eating have been weaved throughout The Diet Doc's teachings since the company was founded. Can you diet for fat loss and greater health and wellness and still eat intuitively?
Life Mastery Podcast 26
Macro Mastery: Intuitive AND Macro-Based
Joe explains his process for creating all three acts of a story arc when helping a client explore nutrition needs, execute the plan, and enjoy a life of intuitive eating AND macro-based structure. Are you missing the freedom to eat the foods you want?
Life Mastery Podcast 24
Science of Fiction: Recovering from Setbacks
Is there a "right" way to recover from a setback? When you've made a mistake or suffered a misstep, is what Dr. Joe says true? " Let yourself cry, punch the wall, go murder somebody if you need to... then say, 'Let's sort through it!'"