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Life Mastery Podcast 75b
Macro Mastery: Good Diets, Bad Diets Part 2
Dr. Jennifer Souders, MD, is back to slash through the physiology and research of dieting. In Part 2 of the series, Joe and Jen tackle low-carb questions and discuss various forms of ketogenic dieting. Carbs or no carbs - which will help you lose more body fat right now? Which is the most sustainable according to studies? What are the American Medical Association findings? Which will stimulate your metabolism and which will suppress it? What is Dr. Souders' personal experience with keto on her way to becoming a world record-holding powerlifter? You won't want to miss this episode!
Life Mastery Podcast 74
Motivational Mastery: We Eat How We Live
How we eat, what we choose to fill our plates with, and the environments we create within and around ourselves during meals are a microcosm for living. If you struggle with emotional eating and your relationship with food is ruining your life, you have an opportunity. Each emotion and each meal provides a choice point for living with intention, empowerment, compassion, awareness, and presence. Kori describes how the objectives of her new online course hit on these concepts, and she shares her her personal turning point for committing to a new way of life.
Life Mastery Podcast 73
Fitness Entrepreneurship: Industry Trends
Joe returns from the Olympia and Layne Norton's post-Olympia workshop; Kori is back from Brittney Garcia's 2018 Brain & Body Fitness Retreat; and it's time to discuss trends and changes in the fitness industry! Nutrition coaching as a career path is just reaching its 20th year, but most have only started taking note of the rise of the Fitness Entrepreneur. How can you rise to the top and become a top coach by helping clients all over the world? Listen in to find out how Layne, Holly Baxter, Paul Revelia, Andres Vargas, Brittney, and others are changing the landscape!
Life Mastery Podcast 72
Macro Mastery: Good Diets, Bad Diets with Dr. Jennifer Souders, MD
Dr. Joe Klemczewski in Dieting, Dr. Joe, Macro Mastery, Podcasts, THE DIET DOC, Health
September 11, 2018 · 1 minute read
The Diet Doc Medical Director Jennifer Souders, MD, jumps into the deep end with Joe to see if any diet methods can be rescued. Do genetics determine how we'll look--is dieting a waste of time? Does intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating have value? Carbs or no carbs? You might be surprised at some of the answers from a medical doctor, who incidentally, holds world powerlifting records!
Life Mastery Podcast 71
Coaching Clinic: Michael Landon
The Diet Doc Seattle, WA, Program Owner Michael Landon's passion is hard to contain. This super star is a registered respiratory therapist, who just happens to help our veterans every day, he is a pro natural bodybuilder, he is a licensed Team Klemczewski Performance and Physique Prep Coach, he owns T.A.N.C. Nutrition, he serves many client populations with a legendary sense of responsibility and support, and now he's pioneering training video content designed to help bridge the convenience gap. If you want to learn how to be a fitness leader, or you need a beast to coach you to your best potential, check out my interview with Michael in today's Coaching Clinic!
Life Mastery Podcast 70
Science or Fiction: Psyc Needs & Fat Loss
What would happen if you addressed psychological needs as part of your weight loss program? Would it make fat loss easier? Faster? The Diet Doc Independence, KY, owner and Nurse Practitioner Doctoral Candidate Kevin Brunacini drops Self-Determination Theory knowledge bombs all over those questions in today's episode. Spoiler alert: If you want 27.5% faster fat loss, listen in! Joe and Kevin explode critical science findings into tasty little nuggets for everyone to enjoy. French fries not included.
Life Mastery Podcast 69
Coaching Clinic: Adam Martin, PharmD
Dr. Joe Klemczewski in Coaching Clinic, Dr. Joe, Podcasts, THE DIET DOC, Health, Fitness
September 10, 2018 · 1 minute read
"I don't have time to workout or prepare healthier food!" The Diet Doc North Pittsburgh owner and Pharmacist Adam Martin knows all too well how difficult it can be to spend time on yourself when you're busy caring for others. Listen in as he describes how a pharmacist's above-and-beyond care for his mother changed his life and why he wrote his new book Rx: YOU!
Life Mastery Podcast 68
Fitness Entrepreneurship: Leadership 101
Dr. Joe Klemczewski in Dr. Joe, Fitness Entrepreneurship, Podcasts, THE DIET DOC
September 04, 2018 · 1 minute read
Are leaders born or made? The Diet Doc San Francisco Program Owner Shannon Morse has expanded into new territories around the country, has sub-branded her company into a thriving lifestyle brand, and is hiring and training team members to become leaders in the nutrition and health community.
Life Mastery Podcast 67
Macro Mastery: Meal Strategy
Joe and Kori wrap up a short series on meal planning by picking apart meal strategy variables. Is it better to have smaller meals or fewer, larger meals? What happens to insulin levels, the hunger hormone ghrelin, and even the amount of food consumed by test subjects when meal patterns are changed?
Life Mastery Podcast 66
Macro Mastery: Meal Planning with Brittney Garcia
Dr. Kori Propst in Dieting, Dr. Joe, Kori Propst, Macro Mastery, Podcasts, Health
August 26, 2018 · 1 minute read
Do you find even the thought of preparing meals overwhelming? Brittany Garcia, owner of The Diet Doc LaGrande, sheds light on how meal prep can be easy and fun. She gives us tips for cooking with the entire family in mind, as well as for keeping prep simple yet flavorful.
Life Mastery Podcast 65
Coaching Clinic: Adam Atkinson
How did Adam Atkinson become the number one licensed Diet Doc Nutrition Consultant and Team Klemczewski Physique Sport Coach in the world while creating his own brand: See You Leaner Later? Listen in as he describes his detailed approach to client care and the evolution of personal fitness entrepreneurship in this week's Coaching Clinic!