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Giving Up & Your Personal Philosophy, Principles, and Process

Dr. Kori Propst
in Mental Edge
February 22, 2018
1 minute read

A client of mine expressed in an email to me that she was giving up. Ever felt that way too? Like your efforts have been for naught? That you have nowhere else to turn and no other choices to pursue? I'd imagine you have. Life is full of challenges and often our expectations go unmet.

However, giving up is often not the best mode of action. When we have reflected upon our character and our guiding philosophy, the principles that underlie that philosophy, and the step by step process we can commit to accessing ESPECIALLY when we feel we have nothing more to give, then we can access more possibilities.

We must develop emotional flexibility in order to be our best selves and pursue our goals with stamina and resilience. In order to do so, we must come back to our character.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Who am I?

2. Who am I as a person who recognizes a problem?

3. How do I, as this person, respond effectively?

4. What do I represent as this person?

5. How do I show up in the world as this person for myself, for others, for life?

6. What are the principles I rely on when the world is spinning?

7. What is my process for accessing those principles?

We often must follow the process we've set up when we least feel like it. Remember, we do not need to feel good to do good.

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