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Mathew Park interviews Dr. Joe Klemczewski

Peak Mindset Coach Mathew Park interviews The Diet Doc President and entrepreneur powerhouse Dr. Joe Klemczewski on how he built his highly successful Diet Doc Weight Loss Franchise company worldwide and his unique growth-focused mindset. Learn how he leads his team and franchise owners, his world class habits and routines, how he became one of the forefront leaders in nutrition and contest preparation and still stays on the cutting edge of performance for both himself and his team.

00:05 Introduction – Mathew Park

02:20 Opening statement – Dr. Joe Klemczewski

03:00 Joe’s background and history

12:30 Joe’s work with a myriad of bodybuilders

14:30 What have been Joe’s biggest challenges

18:40 Joe’s advice for other entrepreneurs

19:15 Dealing with daily challenges

21:40 Joe’s daily routine

24:15 The Diet Doc method

29:00 Managing the host of bodybuilding clients

31:35 The biggest tip/lesson for bodybuilders

33:05 Amount of time spent in learning

38:30 Personal study vs. college coursework

42:00 How to find a mentor

44:20 How Joe prepares for his day

47:15 Who mentors Joe?

49:45 Joe’s favorite books

51:45 Favorite quote

52:50 What would Joe tell his 20-year-old self?

54:00 If no limits, what would Joe contribute to the world?

57:30 Vision/dream for future; contact info; closing thoughts.

We at THE DIET DOC are currently helping people in several countries and dozens of states build a sustainable business in the health and fitness industry. The Diet Doc LLC’s comprehensive resources, pioneering systems, and success model are comprised in a licensing program that helps fitness professionals become the nutrition expert in their community.

In fact, we have spent fifteen years building the curriculum through multiple books and a digital platform similar to that used by major universities, and continue to refine our programming with our license owners in mind. We focus on progressive clinical skills through ongoing training—that’s what made us leaders in the industry—but we specialize in helping entrepreneurs create their dream business.

A business analyst who spent years working in the franchising department of the largest accounting firm in the world evaluated our company. He said he had never seen a company do more for their license owners and immediately valued our program at ten times the entry point.

We are proud of our staff and the program owners that have helped us forge a new direction for weight-loss solutions. We combine science and support in ways that others can’t match.

We are confident that we can help you become a health and fitness professional—a leader who earns respect, changes lives, and grows a thriving consulting practice. I hope you’re as excited as we are!

If you want to start or build onto an existing nutrition and fitness career, we are waiting to talk.

Click here to learn what it means to be a Diet Doc program owner.

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