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Life Mastery Podcast 27

Motivational Mastery: Intuitive Macro-Based Dieting

What is intuitive eating, really?!

The principles of intuitive eating have been weaved throughout The Diet Doc's teachings since the company was founded. Can you diet for fat loss and greater health and wellness and still eat intuitively? Wrong question!

When you are dieting or pursuing any goal for that matter which involves food and eating, intuition must be involved to do it in the most optimal, comprehensive, and sustainable way!

Dr. Kori describes the various facets of intuitive eating and uses client stories to illustrate a few key components including: not forcing yourself to eat foods you don't enjoy, choosing foods that feel nourishing to your body and mind, and not forcing food when you feel sick or stressed...even if you have macronutrient ranges!

She explains how you can use macros to engage in a discovery process about eating as an act of self-compassion. 

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