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Live the Life You Want to Live

Click here to listen: LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE - Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast

Eric and Chris Martinez interview Dr. Joe Klemczewski, who was their coach and mentor in the areas of nutrition, working with clients, business, and peaking clients for competition shows.

02:40 Dr. Joe introduced by Eric & Chris Martinez

03:30 Joe's bio and education

06:20 The driving force behind Joe's formal education pursuits

08:00 Life regrets?

08:30 Transitioning from bodybuilding to other professional emphases

10:50 Why do people stop learning?

13:00 Joe's niche in bodybuilding coaching methodology

15:20 Trends and developments in the bodybuilding sport

17:10 The Diet Doc Licensing program

19:00 What was/is Joe's "Why"

21: 00 A day in the life of Joe Klemczewski

26:00 Joe's life motto and lifelong enjoyable activity

31:00 Interest in Social Psychology

32:20 The advantage of living life in the moment

33:45 Most positive relationships

37:00 Are we in a new era of fitness

40:35 What it means to live a dynamic lifestyle

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