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Meal Prep Mastery for Moms

Dr. Kori Propst
in Dieting, Kori Propst, Podcasts, Health
February 12, 2018
1 minute read

Dr. Kori talks with Nichole Teering of Meal Prep Mastery for Moms (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) about dieting, life, how to master your mindset for the greatest health, and much more!

Meal Prep Mastery For Moms - Episode Link 

Audio interview only      

What is the average diet and how is THE DIET DOC approach different?  What outcomes can clients expect?

7:00: What's involved in setting yourself up for long-term success?

8:20: How is mindset involved in our health goals? What are we consuming and nourishing ourselves with, physically and mentally?

9:20: What is mindset and attitude?

9:45: Becoming an advocate for a certain type of mindset that brings us to clarity and confidence vs chaos

12:00 How are people who are dieting influenced by their circumstances and relationships and how do they adapt?

12:30: 3 basic psychological needs and how they shift our energy and motivation, well-being, and sense of aliveness

13:30: Listening to our internal voices to understand how our needs are or are not being met

14:15: What happens when our 3 basic psychological needs are threatened?

14:30: Kori describes the 3 needs and what they look like: Autonomy, Competence, & Connection

16:00: Are we meeting the 3 basic psychological needs of our children for optimal growth and development?

16:45: Parenting as an opportunity to observe our own tendencies and patterns of behavior

17:30: Weight loss, hormonal imbalances, depression, food cravings, overwhelm: ideas for immediate relief

18:00: The tendency to let go of what's most important and most helpful when we need those disciplines the most

19:30: How we view and respond to discomfort influences how we feel and how to offer ourselves compassion, community, curiosity, comparison vs criticism and comparison and catastrophic thinking

21:00: How thinking we are the exception creates a sense of isolation

22:00: Why we need people and why it's okay!

22:30: Takeaways

25:00: How to keep it simple.


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