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Motivational Mastery

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Take Control of Your Body and Life
Dr. Kori Propst on the Super Strength Show with Ray Toulany
In this episode of the Super Strength Show, Dr. Kori Propst takes us on her journey to becoming the Vice President and Wellness Director at The Diet Doc. Kori teaches you to get curious in everything that you do and really tune into yourself.
Life Mastery Podcast 32
Motivational Mastery: Self-Control
In today's immediate gratification society, we can easily get what we want when we want it. And that can be a great thing...until it's not. When we're aiming for a big goal and we need to put our future self first in order to make wise decisions, impulsive actions don't work. We need self-control. We need discipline. We need willpower.
Life Mastery Podcast 27
Motivational Mastery: Intuitive Macro-Based Dieting
What is intuitive eating, really?! The principles of intuitive eating have been weaved throughout The Diet Doc's teachings since the company was founded. Can you diet for fat loss and greater health and wellness and still eat intuitively?
Life Mastery Podcast 22
Motivational Mastery: Hustle Your Face Off
In this episode of The Diet Doc Life Mastery podcast Dr. Joe and Dr. Kori discuss hustle and how the culture is promoting a strung out society who believes they can have it all and are burning out!

They offer strategies for reassessing your hustle and getting real with yourself about what's truly meaningful in your life!
Life Mastery Podcast 13
Motivational Mastery: Self-Sabotage
Do people who hide behind the label of "self-sabotage" simply don't want to admit they failed? Are they arrogant? Weak? Can you learn to keep your progress on the rails instead of crumbling into a pile of self-sabotage when the going gets tough?
Life Mastery Podcast 8
Motivational Mastery - Strength-Based Living
Joe pulls lively stories from The Diet Doc Annual Conference to discuss Kori's opening workshop at the event. Do you know what your personality strengths are? Are you using them to create success in all areas of your life?