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Take Control of Your Body and Life

Dr. Kori Propst on the Super Strength Show with Ray Toulany

In this episode of the Super Strength Show, Dr. Kori Propst takes us on her journey to becoming the Vice President and Wellness Director at The Diet Doc. Kori teaches you to get curious in everything that you do and really tune into yourself to get through your adversities and start achieving your goals. Licensed in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Licensed Professional Counselor, Kori has earned a bachelor's degree in exercise physiology, a master of science in counseling, and a doctorate in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. Her education is enhanced by certifications in personal training, health coaching, lifestyle and weight management consulting, and she is an International Society of Sports Nutrition clinician. Kori has earned professional status in three divisions of physique competition, including Bodybuilding, Figure, and Fit Body within the WNBF. She has been a runner-up contender at the WNBF World Championships twice, and has earned pro title at the Mid-America Pro-Am and the Pro-Cup in Sacramento. Published in the Journal of Nutrition and various community magazines, Kori is an avid blog writer, teaches at national camps, and provides international webinars that have changed the lives of men and women alike.

00:01 Introduction – Ray Toulany

02:40 Kori’s background

03:40 What fuels Kori’s passion?

05:50 What is emotional agility?

10:15 Favorite success quote

13:20 Breakthrough moments

18:40 The difference between “Can I?” and “How Can I?”

20:40 Training resources

25:30 Would Kori structure her training differently?

29:45 Advice for long-term success to someone starting out

35:35 Kori as a role model

37:00 Where do goals start?

37:50 Contact info and resources

39:00 The Diet Doc Licensing Program

41:35 Parting advice from Kori

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