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The Secret Formula to Training Longevity & Success in Life

Dr. Joe Klemczewski on The Super Strength Podcast with Ray Toulany

Dr. Joe Klemczewski is interviewed by Ray Toulany on the Super Strength Show. Joe is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with degrees in physical therapy, health, nutrition, health education, and literary journalism. He was one of the first professionals to pass the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) accrediting examination. Joe earned pro status with a win at the ANPPC World Cup. He has competed in pro bodybuilding's largest venues with top-five finishes at the Mr. International and Mr. Universe contests. Joe created a wellness corporation, a fitness facility, and a sport supplement company specializing in proprietary protein formulations. He began licensing The Diet Doc business model in 2007 and has helped develop almost 100 Diet Doc Weight-Loss Centers across the world.

00:00 Introduction - Ray Toulany

01:30 Joe's background

04:40 Reaction to Schwarzenegger's dislike of non-proportional

           competitive bodybuilders with big stomachs, etc.

07:10 Joe's favorite success quote

10:45 Joe's major training challenge

15:00 Not pushing hard enough or going too far?

18:15 Breakthrough moment in training history

23:00 Proudest achievement in training

23:45 Proudest achievement in life

26:30 What keeps Joe amped up?

29:30 Who inspired Joe to start lifting?

30:45 Best advice ever received

31:40 Advice followed now, but not when first received it

32:40 Highest recommend training resource

34:35 No one would guess this about Joe

36:35 Dream workout partner

37:00 Definition of success in the gym

38:30 How Joe would structure training

42:05 How hard should we push toward the limit?

46:20 Difference between Aerobic, Aenerobic (ATP) & Glycolytic

            energy systems

51:45 An example of lifting sets to use glycolytic system

54:50 Specific sets, reps, rest periods for multiple giant sets

59:50 Contact information, parting advice, Licensing program 

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