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Emerge into your possibilities & develop the skills for an optimized life!

Do you desire to be your best self, to live in alignment with your values and with fewer regrets?
Wonder how you can get past the barriers that have consistently held you back?

Emergence coaching teaches you how to harness your energy toward growth and curiosity. It facilitates a process of understanding and awareness to fire up your momentum and motivation amongst any change you’re pursuing.
Break through binge or emotional eating for good and commit to living your most fulfilling life.
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Here’s what you can expect when you sign up

account_circle Customized Coaching

Connect, 1-on-1, with a health psychologist and counselor to develop resilience and advanced skills to help you navigate your goal challenges and life’s circumstances. Understand the process of change for maximal, enduring shifts in thinking, feeling, and behaving. Engage in a collaborative approach to develop your personal mission, become aware of personal strengths, & break down the barriers to living your most energetic life.

date_range Weekly Goal-Setting

Behavior change demands focus, persistence, consistency, and the ability to bounce back from adversity. Experiential activities that challenge the status quo and old patterns of thinking and behavior are utilized to broaden and build novel and more effective perspective taking. Regular support and goal-setting with accountability is built into the process to ensure momentum is not lost.

check_circle Motivation-Building

Most individuals desire the straight and narrow path to their goals. Inevitably, they face setbacks, which threaten their competence, motivation, and confidence to persevere. Develop the mind-body integration to maximize your motivation through any disappointment.

open_in_new A Scalable Program

Experience relief from self-sabotage, increase competence, create customized success strategies for goal pursuit, enhance focus, reduce procrastination and negative self-talk, enhance emotional agility, & reduce avoidance behaviors like binge or emotional eating. Pivot away from threat reactions and impulsive behavior to thriving!

trending_up Identify & Mobilize Action

Dispel the misunderstood failure-to-change reasons, including low motivation, poor genetics, inadequate willpower or self-control, fixed personality, and insufficient confidence. Optimize your internal and external environments to create change with less effort and greater success.

Choose your program

Sessions are held weekly. Please contact us if you are interested in a different session schedule.

5-Session Package

$1000.00 or 5 payments of $225.00
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10-Session Package

$1750.00 or 10 payments of $200.00
{{}} check_circle Sign up: 10 sessions
20-Session Package

$3000.00 or 20 payments of $175.00
{{}} check_circle Sign up: 20 sessions