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Weight Loss Transformations

Within two years of starting a diet, 98% of dieters will gain back all of their lost weight. At the five-year mark, almost 100% of dieters will exceed their baseline weight. The answer to these dismal statistics lies in understanding the type of nutrition plan appropriate for your body, combined with a professional mentor to walk you through your personal weight loss transformation. Our clients achieve success every day through science and support, and so can you!

Are you ready to change your life?

Let us help you determine what kind of nutrition plan is right for your body type and metabolism!

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I started bodybuilding at the age of 35 and have done a bunch of shows since 2004. I decided to hire Dr. Joe after seeing a ton of his clients wining their classes in the INBF and WNBF. I never looked better than I did last year at the INBF...
Mike's full transformation


Kori, the day has finally come. I tipped the scale just now at 204.4, and then I took a picture. That is 50 lbs lost in the last 15 weeks. I feel great, light on my feet like I was ten years ago. I wanted to thank you and your crew once aga...
Jonah's full transformation


Dr. Joe, I know it's been a while since I've reported to you—just been so busy this summer. But I have been sticking to my program for the most part. A couple interesting things have happened. First, I've put on about 5 lbs, and my weight f...
Sean's full transformation


Both of our kids noticed my smaller meal, from Hacienda. They both commented on it, and I told them I could eat anything I wanted, but I choose to eat something that will help me reach my goal of getting healthy forever! Our daughter is rea...
Sandra's full transformation


This process so far has been so valuable and so worth it!
Mandy's full transformation


Kori, I’m officially thanking you for guiding me through this process. Dieting is difficult –any big change is—but I've learned a lot and for that I am grateful. I've been able to maintain my weight at 145, which is amazing. Thank you for a...
Marguerite's full transformation


I'd like to tell you how truly grateful I am for you and all you've done for me (and others). It's not every day you meet people who would do what you've done for me. You're a very great blessing to my life, and you've had much more of a ro...
Crissy's full transformation


Happy birthday, Joe! I’m so glad I have gotten the opportunity to become your friend over the past few years. You are such a huge part in my life that you probably don't realize. You came into my life when I was very lost and impressionabl...
Lucas's full transformation


This diet is great. I love the flexibility. I see a lot of girls who are confined to their houses for months because of their eating schedule and the fact that nothing they are eating is very portable. Also those girls can't be around peop...
Jessica's full transformation


You're writing is awesome. Your latest blog post brought tears to my eyes and just made me feel so deeply. You are so open and honest and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. Thank you. Love you so very much!
Lauren's full transformation


I went to Kori not knowing exactly how depressed I was. I only knew I felt I was totally out of control with my eating, my exercising, and with my emotions—I was at the lowest point in my life physically and mentally and I just could not he...
Karen's full transformation


I received good news at the doctor’s office today. Triglycerides have dropped from the 300s to l20 for one and 150 for the other. He feels it is getting stabilized. I don't have to go back until January (my yearly physical). He told me to k...
Chris's full transformation


I was overweight and pre-diabetic. I read The Diet Doc's book in early 2011 and went on their diet with success, losing 15 lbs and lowering my blood sugar to normal level. After a few months of doing it on my own, I tried to go back on the...
Carol's full transformation


Okay, I did a mini-shopping spree at JC Penney. Good sales + coupons = quite a few things that fit!!! It was amazing! I've gone down to a solid size 10 in pants. I haven't been a 10 in years! I even bought two sweaters that are mediums!! I...
Vicky's full transformation


Dang it—you're super smart!! Seriously, I've met A LOT of people in this industry and you ARE the real deal. I appreciate your authenticity.
Danielle's full transformation


Hello Joe, there's a lot I want to say besides "thank you," but at the moment I'm finding myself reflecting on the past year & everything that happened. If I can put together something of quality expressing my gratitude, I will. In the mean...
Evan's full transformation


Thank you, Joe. To have you support me shows a great deal about your character and what relationships mean to you. You're honest; everything you said about how you treat people and the lengths you'll go through for them is true. You're one...
Evan's full transformation


Thanks so much for the feedback, advice and caring about how I am doing. I needed this program with support and not just me and the book. I am so blessed to have you and this program in my life at this time. I’ve felt like you are my last c...
Kathy's full transformation


Kori, YOU ARE AWESOME. Everything you say is spot on and I just took a huge deep breath; this is why I reached out to you. I’m feeling much better; nothing is wrong with me. That statement is exactly what I have been missing. I always assum...
Rebecca's full transformation


Kori, I regularly follow the posts on Facebook, even though I hardly even write or comment. I particularly like your posts and comments on the mental aspect of this sport, and life in general. I also have read many of your articles via The...
Tiffany's full transformation


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to your seminar about Binge Eating. You are such an awesome speaker—so clear and concise. I really enjoyed it! Thanks so much. I always think of YOU in my head telling me to slow down and BR...
Denise's full transformation


I swear, every time I start one of your NLP progression schemes I see immediate results in terms of size and strength gains. You're a damn genius (pardon my French). Nay! You are a gentleman and a scholar!
Zach's full transformation


Kori, you are so honest. That's why I really like you. You're smart and intuitive and true to yourself and I really do hope to meet you one day in person. I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to meet you in this respect thus far. Truly...
Carol's full transformation


I am so excited! Now it's just keeping with it. My husband was asking if this was something I thought I could keep up. I honestly think I can. This is doable!
Anne's full transformation


I am feeling FANTASTIC since I started "thinking" before eating. Thank you for teaching me to pay attention!
Carolyn's full transformation


Dieting with Dr. Joe is the most awesome experience!!! Joe got me in the BEST shape of my life, without a doubt and he completely takes the guesswork out of competing/dieting! The whole staff and team are some of the most amazing people I...
Megan's full transformation


I love my body again. I love training. I'm strong as hell with more strength than ever! I don't think I could possibly say enough positive about this team, the support, the coaches, the directors, the lessons learned, and the mental support...
Tina's full transformation


Hey, Joe, Was just talking to someone about you the other day and how lucky I was to have a great coach like you starting out in this industry. I realized I hadn't talked to you in a bit so I figured I’d drop you a line to see how things ar...
Layne's full transformation


Hey Doc! Well I just wanted to send you an update from my new life in the Academy. Let me tell you, it is COMPLETELY different then the life I was living. It is military style yelling, people mess up everyone pays: craziness! I am so thankf...
Dave's full transformation


Thank you again for everything, Joe. You are an amazing coach and I love training with you. You keep me focused, calm, and confident. What could be better? Just like Kori told me from the get go... she said you are going to learn so much a...
Tammy's full transformation


I admire you, Joe, for what you undertake and what you do for us all. Without you, NONE of this would be real or possible, especially for me. I mean that on a more personal note, as a person and a man, not just where it concerns bodybuildin...
Jake's full transformation


I just HAVE to say this or I'll explode: I just wanted to say "thank you." Thank you for not needing to be in everyone's face and all over social media. Thank you for not posting progress photos because you feel some need to prove yourself...
Ashley's full transformation


I appreciate you, Joe. The thing I think I admire most about you—and possibly your best quality in my opinion—is your attention to detail to the needs of others. You've actually built an entire enterprise around it. I'm not sure if most pe...
Dan's full transformation


I haven't mentioned it, but I contacted just about every reputable coach out there and nobody even came close to making me feel like it was the right fit except for you. I'm proud to be a part of Team K.
Travis's full transformation


Kori!!!! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I wanted to check in and say hi to you and the gang! I ran my first ever FULL MARATHON a few weekends ago! I have attached a few pictures for you to share with the group. I am still fo...
Matt's full transformation

Mary Kay

Kori, sometimes I wonder if you realize what a blessing you are for so many! Thanks again for the difference you have made in my life!
Mary Kay's full transformation


I can't tell you enough how much this program has changed my life. I feel so much healthier and have a better understanding of how and when and what to eat. The emotional support you have given me has been so important, especially through t...
Patty's full transformation


You did great today and were amazing. Did you know you were the first person to teach me nutrition? Loved hearing your passion. You definitely own your field of expertise. You made it easy to understand. That my friend is not easy to do. Le...
Chad's full transformation


My wife and I had our yearly exam at Mayo this week. I had lost 10.5 pounds since last year. Both our numbers were great. This is the result of following your counseling. Thanks so much.
Bob's full transformation


Hi Joe! I am genuinely excited to have the opportunity to participate in and share The Diet Doc with others. I can honestly say that in 20 years of reading anything about nutrition I can get my hands on, your plan is by far the most cohesiv...
Greg's full transformation


You are an amazing woman, dear friend and have had a bigger influence on my life than you will probably ever know. I look forward to reading the new book when it comes out and the short videos that you and Joe are doing are such a great for...
Sondra's full transformation


I think this is a fantastic program! I can't believe I see the results in such a short time.
Dawn's full transformation


Besides being AWESOME, Kori is supportive, intuitive, forgiving, positive, honest, open, and motivating. My husband and I both think the world of Kori and Dr. Joe. I have recommended Kori and The Diet Doc to many people. When they see me th...
Kathy's full transformation


I have been a bit of a “Diet Doc” groupie! I met Dr. Joe once at a seminar many years ago, then paid for a one-time consult, and then I bought his book and went to a book signing. He has given free talks at Ivy Tech in the past and other pl...
Keturah's full transformation


Thanks for caring Joe. It means a lot! I think you and Kori are absolute saints to give as much emotionally to your clients as you do. Truly. You've taught me so much. I don't think I could ever thank you enough! I want to thank you and Kor...
Kristin's full transformation


Thanks so much. You’ve changed my life in many ways.
Greg's full transformation


Kori, I am gaining so much knowledge...awesome is not the word to describe this process. This is exactly—and more—what I needed. "Knowledge for Life." I think this is a fantastic program...I can't believe the results I have seen in such a s...
Vicky's full transformation


Dear Joe, Thank you for your kindness, your hospitality, very keen sense of humor, and deep passion for your clients, who you call "friends"—thank you, Joe, for that!
Demetrio's full transformation


Thank you for letting me take charge of my eating again. I need the support and suggestions from you but it is really me that makes the decisions and you put me in charge for the most part. That is what is so wonderful about The Diet Doc pr...
Eva's full transformation


Kori, I'd like to thank you for teaching me to "listen to my body" and giving me the tools to be successful. The past several days I have not been in control of what was being served at several meals and ended up eating too many carbs/fats....
Kelly's full transformation