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Weight Loss Transformations

Within two years of starting a diet, 98% of dieters will gain back all of their lost weight. At the five-year mark, almost 100% of dieters will exceed their baseline weight. The answer to these dismal statistics lies in understanding the type of nutrition plan appropriate for your body, combined with a professional mentor to walk you through your personal weight loss transformation. Our clients achieve success every day through science and support, and so can you!

Are you ready to change your life?

Let us help you determine what kind of nutrition plan is right for your body type and metabolism!

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I swear, every time I start one of your NLP progression schemes I see immediate results in terms of size and strength gains. You're a damn genius (pardon my French). Nay! You are a gentleman and a scholar!
Zach's full transformation


Just wanted to thank you both for all of your time and patience dealing with me and my false starts. I am excited to say that I have finally come full circle and am in a happy place with food, weight, and my body. I no longer think of how...
Leslie's full transformation


By the way, I just have to say that your blog is awesome!!! So inspirational and well put. It lifts my soul.
Cassandra's full transformation


My husband approached me to talk about my health. Not my weight or the fact that even my “fat clothes” were getting too tight. It was that wake-up call, that light bulb moment that needed to happen. In the nicest way possible, he expressed...
Diane's full transformation


I love my body again. I love training. I'm strong as hell with more strength than ever! I don't think I could possibly say enough positive about this team, the support, the coaches, the directors, the lessons learned, and the mental support...
Tina's full transformation


Thanks so much for the feedback, advice and caring about how I am doing. I needed this program with support and not just me and the book. I am so blessed to have you and this program in my life at this time. I’ve felt like you are my last c...
Kathy's full transformation


Hi Kori, I actually went out to eat yesterday. I was so very happy about how easy it was to make good choices. I was even surprised to realize that I didn't feel like I was missing anything.
Deb's full transformation


I can't tell you enough how amazing your video on Binge Eating was. I had dreams about it, it was so powerful! Thank you for all you do!
Vanessa's full transformation


Before when I would start a diet, I would almost talk to myself internally and tell myself that I would never be able to do this. I was just going to be fat. Now, I feel so in control that I can really visualize how I am going to look and f...
Dee's full transformation


I just watched the binge eating video and it was MORE THAN helpful! I've searched and searched for a GOOD, RELIABLE, SCIENCE BASED, REAL LIFE, resource that I can learn from and TRUST what I'm learning to be true and applicable to myself o...
Beth's full transformation


I had a great tennis match today and won by two games. After the match the woman asked if I was a runner because I moved so well. What a wonderful compliment and really a testament to the changes in my fitness level. Thank you!
Cathy's full transformation


Kori, I regularly follow the posts on Facebook, even though I hardly even write or comment. I particularly like your posts and comments on the mental aspect of this sport, and life in general. I also have read many of your articles via The...
Tiffany's full transformation


Thank you, Joe. To have you support me shows a great deal about your character and what relationships mean to you. You're honest; everything you said about how you treat people and the lengths you'll go through for them is true. You're one...
Evan's full transformation

Mary Kay

Kori, sometimes I wonder if you realize what a blessing you are for so many! Thanks again for the difference you have made in my life!
Mary Kay's full transformation


Hi Dr. Joe, I just wanted to say thank you! This past weekend I won my category in the heavyweight division and was an overall contender! Reading articles such as yours are extremely helpful for those of us who want the truth! It's great to...
Jon's full transformation


I love the way I look. The transformation is fantastic. I get comments all the time.
Thayne's full transformation


We did it! Pro Cards on our first try! It's been a HONOR and PRIVILEGE to work with TEAM K! I look forward to seeing you guys at seminars, reading your articles, and working with you again next fall! I can't thank you guys enough for all...
Ray's full transformation


I just want to thank you for your dedication to your clients (who become friends) and to advancing yourself in knowledge and living what you counsel. My life was uplifted by what I learned with you at the Diet Doc and especially during the...
Diana's full transformation


It is amazing how you can stay in control when you are not stark raving mad from hunger. Wow, what a fabulous thing!!!!!
Diane's full transformation


Wow, what a day!! Dr. Joe, somehow "thank you" doesn't really seem appropriate nor enough. Yes, I know paid for your counseling but you could have said, "Good luck and next time contact me earlier." But you didn't—you took a chance, went o...
Daniele's full transformation


Thanks a million for making a MAN and ATHLETE out of me! You will never know the depth and breadth of how I feel and experience that.
Steve's full transformation


This is so much a nicer way of helping people than the group weekly sessions with other programs. It’s more personal, more caring, and more collaborative.
Dawn's full transformation


Man, I appreciate all of your emails and especially the one last week. Couldn't have said it better myself. The feeling is definitely mutual. We might just have ourselves a little hallmark moment here…but I gotta admit, I’d be lost without...
Brent's full transformation


You're writing is awesome. Your latest blog post brought tears to my eyes and just made me feel so deeply. You are so open and honest and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. Thank you. Love you so very much!
Lauren's full transformation


Joe, thank you, but honestly I could not have done it without YOU! I can't express how grateful I am for your support and generous spirit. And your ability to know exactly what to do during the peaking process and on the day of the show is...
Raphael's full transformation


Happy birthday, Joe! I’m so glad I have gotten the opportunity to become your friend over the past few years. You are such a huge part in my life that you probably don't realize. You came into my life when I was very lost and impressionabl...
Lucas's full transformation


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to your seminar about Binge Eating. You are such an awesome speaker—so clear and concise. I really enjoyed it! Thanks so much. I always think of YOU in my head telling me to slow down and BR...
Denise's full transformation


You and Joe have such a high quality message! You have given me more to think about than any other person/author. One day I hope to meet and hug you.
Patricia's full transformation


I'm not really sure what to say other than this has been an incredible experience for me. I have learned that I don't have to eat just because food is in the vicinity. People will not treat me with contempt for not trying their amazing look...
Amy's full transformation


For real, Joe. You are my hero. No bullshit. You don't stop. Ever. Train me to be more like you and we will dominate the world.
Anthony's full transformation


Joe, I wanted to take this time to express my gratitude for your support this year! You set a very high target for me that that I have to say initially I thought was unachievable and without your support it truly would not have been possibl...
Claire's full transformation


Kori, you are a huge mentor to me. The words you speak always seem to resonate with me and I just get it. My energy is being spent in a positive way, and I just feel so much thank you! Once again, you're a rock star and you ju...
Bonnie's full transformation


Kori, you really amaze me. I feel like a dork saying this, but I met a hero this weekend. You inspire me daily both by being in just incredible shape but more importantly by being the thinker that you are. Your wisdom and guidance through t...
Lauren's full transformation


Thank you for everything. I am so glad I found you guys, you are wonderful!
Shanna's full transformation


I appreciate you, Joe. The thing I think I admire most about you—and possibly your best quality in my opinion—is your attention to detail to the needs of others. You've actually built an entire enterprise around it. I'm not sure if most pe...
Dan's full transformation


I can't thank you enough. I saw nothing but big conditioned competitors everywhere I looked back stage. I never thought that I would win my class let alone be the overall novice champion. I never thought that drinking so much water and not...
Brett's full transformation


Thank you so much, Dr. Joe; I really appreciate your kindness. Steve Dodd (Diet Doc Fairmont, West Virginia) is such a nice gentleman and good person so glad I found him at 80 years old. Thanks again,
Rose's full transformation


I am 44 years old and a diehard bass fisherman. I was having issues with my heart rate and blood pressure due to being overweight. I used to drink a 20-oz bottle of regular soda four times a day and a case of beer on the weekends. I could e...
Richard's full transformation


Joe, I was overwhelmed by your thoughts and kindness. You're an unbelievable man and truly a brother to me. You always will matter what, no matter when, no matter where, no matter period! I'd also like to thank you for the workouts....
Tony's full transformation


Since working with Joe, I have become the woman I always wanted to be. Joe's qualifications are undeniable and his science-based approach to nutrition, training and competition peaking is unparalleled. No crazy diets, excessive cardio or da...
Jacquii's full transformation


Reading your email provide me a lot of comfort and encouragement for a healthy future. Always your words are welcome. You are a brilliant writer and gifted charismatic professional. I am valuing every single moment because I am very lucky t...
Susana's full transformation


I just wanted to take a bit of time to thank you for such a great offseason and prep. It’s not done yet but I felt I needed to convey this to you. This is MY best to date and yes I wanted to be sharper which I no doubt will be in the coming...
Daniel's full transformation


I received good news at the doctor’s office today. Triglycerides have dropped from the 300s to l20 for one and 150 for the other. He feels it is getting stabilized. I don't have to go back until January (my yearly physical). He told me to k...
Chris's full transformation


I must admit the workouts so far have been a GREAT butt kicking!!! As I finished my abs and sprints this morning a guy said, "I didn't think it was possible for you to work any harder than you already do in here but I guess I was wrong. I s...
Cori's full transformation


I have no idea how you figure this out. All that I know is what I see in the mirror, and am amazed by what I look like. I am sure that it is not the training, as I have trained seriously, but it is all due to the nutrition. I repeat the sam...
Alan's full transformation


I'm still in awe. Joe, thank you. I'm really at a loss. You are the best at what you do, class act, professional, friend, peer, and you're funny, which is the most desirable characteristic in my book. Thank you from the bottom of my heart f...
Evan's full transformation


Kori, you are so honest. That's why I really like you. You're smart and intuitive and true to yourself and I really do hope to meet you one day in person. I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to meet you in this respect thus far. Truly...
Carol's full transformation


Hey Doc! Well I just wanted to send you an update from my new life in the Academy. Let me tell you, it is COMPLETELY different then the life I was living. It is military style yelling, people mess up everyone pays: craziness! I am so thankf...
Dave's full transformation


You guys are the best! I’m honored to be part of Team K. You have certainly brought me a long way. I competed for the first time 3 years ago at the NE classic with no clue! And with your help I can proudly say I have 2 pro cards, a pro titl...
Liz's full transformation


Kori, I’m officially thanking you for guiding me through this process. Dieting is difficult –any big change is—but I've learned a lot and for that I am grateful. I've been able to maintain my weight at 145, which is amazing. Thank you for a...
Marguerite's full transformation