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Weight Loss Transformations

Within two years of starting a diet, 98% of dieters will gain back all of their lost weight. At the five-year mark, almost 100% of dieters will exceed their baseline weight. The answer to these dismal statistics lies in understanding the type of nutrition plan appropriate for your body, combined with a professional mentor to walk you through your personal weight loss transformation. Our clients achieve success every day through science and support, and so can you!

Are you ready to change your life?

Let us help you determine what kind of nutrition plan is right for your body type and metabolism!

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Hi Kori and Dr. Joe, First of all I want to thank both of you! I have never looked and felt better in my life. There is so much I want to say, but not sure how so I’ll keep it simple. Hiring you guys was one of the best decisions I ever m...
Sherry's full transformation


Before when I would start a diet, I would almost talk to myself internally and tell myself that I would never be able to do this. I was just going to be fat. Now, I feel so in control that I can really visualize how I am going to look and f...
Dee's full transformation


I can't thank you enough. I saw nothing but big conditioned competitors everywhere I looked back stage. I never thought that I would win my class let alone be the overall novice champion. I never thought that drinking so much water and not...
Brett's full transformation


Dear Joe, Thank you for your kindness, your hospitality, very keen sense of humor, and deep passion for your clients, who you call "friends"—thank you, Joe, for that!
Demetrio's full transformation


Thanks so much for the feedback, advice and caring about how I am doing. I needed this program with support and not just me and the book. I am so blessed to have you and this program in my life at this time. I’ve felt like you are my last c...
Kathy's full transformation


My husband approached me to talk about my health. Not my weight or the fact that even my “fat clothes” were getting too tight. It was that wake-up call, that light bulb moment that needed to happen. In the nicest way possible, he expressed...
Diane's full transformation


In regards to your posts and previous email I wanted to take a second and voice why I started to compete. I wanted to educate myself for my well-being and overall health—mentally and physically show myself what I am capable of and that I ca...
Rebecca's full transformation


What a day! I just received my blood work results in the mail. Another resounding endorsement for The Diet Doc and eating right! I had tests shortly after that we heard you speak and began to eat better. Then we connected with you and start...
Becky's full transformation


I was gonna wait until tomorrow but I could wait that long...

Yesterday I ran the Half Marathon and achieved another personal record while being under the "care" of the Diet Doc staff. Since last year's event and the training yo...
Matt's full transformation


Last Friday I special ordered your book from Barnes and Noble. They called me yesterday afternoon to tell me it was in and I went straight from work to the store to pick it up. Then I read from 9 o'clock to about 1:00 AM. I couldn't put it...
Anthony's full transformation


Joe, you took what I thought was you and brought a whole new level of what I did not expect. You treated all of us so special. Not only did you made me feel right at home but everyone this weekend felt like we were at Giant Joe's Party Hous...
Mat's full transformation


Hey, Joe, Was just talking to someone about you the other day and how lucky I was to have a great coach like you starting out in this industry. I realized I hadn't talked to you in a bit so I figured I’d drop you a line to see how things ar...
Layne's full transformation


I finished second at the NPC Team Universe competition in the Men’s Physique “A” class. My placing earned me a pro card to compete in the IFBB! I wanted to express my deepest thanks to you for your guidance and support this season. Your kno...
Eddie's full transformation


Since Thanksgiving is this week I am reflecting on what I am grateful for and two things I am especially grateful for are you and Joe. I really mean that. I appreciate everything you guys have done for me so much.
Kristin's full transformation


Kori: You're a genuinely inspiring human being who gives to people what they never expected to experience from anyone during their lifetimes. Joe: What inspired me to want to work with you in the first place was that I was told you are the...
Donal's full transformation


I have been involved in natural bodybuilding for the past 15 years. Over those years I have tried pretty much every diet and made every mistake in regards to competing. Ten months ago I decided to get back on stage after a nine-year hiatus....
Ben's full transformation


Kori, the way you word things and speak always blows my mind!
Jennifer's full transformation


I have a great gratitude for your nutritional and fitness teachings. Your and Kori’s caring approached help regular individual like myself to feel comfortable and confident with the process. This is a great honest and ethical program and I...
Susana's full transformation


I haven't mentioned it, but I contacted just about every reputable coach out there and nobody even came close to making me feel like it was the right fit except for you. I'm proud to be a part of Team K.
Travis's full transformation


Joe, I was overwhelmed by your thoughts and kindness. You're an unbelievable man and truly a brother to me. You always will matter what, no matter when, no matter where, no matter period! I'd also like to thank you for the workouts....
Tony's full transformation


Hello Joe, there's a lot I want to say besides "thank you," but at the moment I'm finding myself reflecting on the past year & everything that happened. If I can put together something of quality expressing my gratitude, I will. In the mean...
Evan's full transformation


Kori, the day has finally come. I tipped the scale just now at 204.4, and then I took a picture. That is 50 lbs lost in the last 15 weeks. I feel great, light on my feet like I was ten years ago. I wanted to thank you and your crew once aga...
Jonah's full transformation


My contest experience has been wonderful! I have worked with Dr. Joe since 2007...and what a blessing it has been. No matter what contest I trained for, when I hit the stage I was ready! I have worked with Joe & Team K on my posing, traini...
Star's full transformation


Thanks a million for making a MAN and ATHLETE out of me! You will never know the depth and breadth of how I feel and experience that.
Steve's full transformation


My wife and I had our yearly exam at Mayo this week. I had lost 10.5 pounds since last year. Both our numbers were great. This is the result of following your counseling. Thanks so much.
Bob's full transformation


Kori, I got so much out of your presentation today. You connect so well.
Sherry's full transformation


Hey Joe! First, thanks for your feedback! I am very happy with my progress during the last weeks and I cannot say it often enough: working with Team K was the absolute right decision!!!
Phillip's full transformation


Hi Joe, I just have to start off by saying I think that you are Kori are geniuses. If there were more coaches in the world like you two, dieting wouldn't be looked at like a bad thing, people would learn how to manage food before it got out...
Abby's full transformation


Joe, thank you, but honestly I could not have done it without YOU! I can't express how grateful I am for your support and generous spirit. And your ability to know exactly what to do during the peaking process and on the day of the show is...
Raphael's full transformation


Thanks, Joe—you’re not only very knowledgeable with bodybuilding prep, both off-season and pre-contest, but also with helping me improve my overall health. Thanks!
James's full transformation


I am feeling really good and positive, and I can really tell the difference in my body! I have to keep putting clothes away that are really loose on me—I can pull my pants/shorts off without unbuttoning/unzipping. I can reach my toes now, s...
Mary's full transformation


Joe, I wanted to take this time to express my gratitude for your support this year! You set a very high target for me that that I have to say initially I thought was unachievable and without your support it truly would not have been possibl...
Claire's full transformation


I just finished the book you suggested while I was on the beach this week and wanted to thank you again. I was really having a tough time this winter and listening to your lecture and purchasing that book and just reading some of it during...
Karla's full transformation


I had a great tennis match today and won by two games. After the match the woman asked if I was a runner because I moved so well. What a wonderful compliment and really a testament to the changes in my fitness level. Thank you!
Cathy's full transformation


Thanks so much. You’ve changed my life in many ways.
Greg's full transformation


I went to Kori not knowing exactly how depressed I was. I only knew I felt I was totally out of control with my eating, my exercising, and with my emotions—I was at the lowest point in my life physically and mentally and I just could not he...
Karen's full transformation


I admire you, Joe, for what you undertake and what you do for us all. Without you, NONE of this would be real or possible, especially for me. I mean that on a more personal note, as a person and a man, not just where it concerns bodybuildin...
Jake's full transformation


I must admit the workouts so far have been a GREAT butt kicking!!! As I finished my abs and sprints this morning a guy said, "I didn't think it was possible for you to work any harder than you already do in here but I guess I was wrong. I s...
Cori's full transformation


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to your seminar about Binge Eating. You are such an awesome speaker—so clear and concise. I really enjoyed it! Thanks so much. I always think of YOU in my head telling me to slow down and BR...
Denise's full transformation


I can't thank you enough for everything you helped me with and I will continue to read and learn from you! You are amazing and such an inspiration and I am so amazed at the amount of knowledge you have. You make a difference in so many peo...
Mary's full transformation


Hi Dr. Joe, I just wanted to say thank you! This past weekend I won my category in the heavyweight division and was an overall contender! Reading articles such as yours are extremely helpful for those of us who want the truth! It's great to...
Jon's full transformation


I've tried many, many times to lose weight with just about every weight loss program available. I attended a Diet Doc workshop where Kori was explaining all about how our bodies use up and store fats when we eat to many proteins, carbs, and...
Carl's full transformation


You guys are the best! I’m honored to be part of Team K. You have certainly brought me a long way. I competed for the first time 3 years ago at the NE classic with no clue! And with your help I can proudly say I have 2 pro cards, a pro titl...
Liz's full transformation


Kori, you are my Yoda. I will do whatever you say.
Susan's full transformation


Hello Joe! I have some results to share with you. I initially measured at 26.2% body fat. Now I measured at 17.9!! With the energy level I have now, I have been able to incorporate some 5-6 mile runs into my workout regime twice per week. B...
Christina's full transformation


Oh my goodness. Where to begin? I started competing 3 years ago as a solution to an eating disorder I needed to take control of. I went with a coach who transformed my body (or so he tried to convince me). I now realize I did the work, I st...
Janet's full transformation


Kori, I'd like to thank you for teaching me to "listen to my body" and giving me the tools to be successful. The past several days I have not been in control of what was being served at several meals and ended up eating too many carbs/fats....
Kelly's full transformation


Kori, I regularly follow the posts on Facebook, even though I hardly even write or comment. I particularly like your posts and comments on the mental aspect of this sport, and life in general. I also have read many of your articles via The...
Tiffany's full transformation


Kori, I’m officially thanking you for guiding me through this process. Dieting is difficult –any big change is—but I've learned a lot and for that I am grateful. I've been able to maintain my weight at 145, which is amazing. Thank you for a...
Marguerite's full transformation


Wow, what a day!! Dr. Joe, somehow "thank you" doesn't really seem appropriate nor enough. Yes, I know paid for your counseling but you could have said, "Good luck and next time contact me earlier." But you didn't—you took a chance, went o...
Daniele's full transformation