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The most advanced, accurate diet planning software… and it’s FREE!

The Macro Doc is…

Flexible dieting, macronutrient-based tracking, if-it-fits-your-macros…all the descriptions of the current revolution in physique sport nutrition that began 20 years ago with one guy: Joe Klemczewski, PhD.

Often called the “Godfather of Flexible Dieting,” Joe created this movement by coaching almost 500 competitors to pro card wins and more than 150 pros to professional titles—including almost 50 World Championships.

Dr. Joe has quietly grown his licensing program into an international force of more than a hundred professional nutrition clinicians changing lives every day. The Diet Doc, LLC, is rapidly becoming the weight loss industry’s next culture leader.

Part of Joe’s success is his relentless pursuit to find new ways to innovate. The information age and technology are testing the boundaries of how people consume content and The Macro Doc is that next step.

The Macro Doc Calculator can do…

The Macro Doc is an artificial intelligence-enhanced custom macronutrient profile system designed by Dr. Joe to help individuals with any body composition goal. Answer some questions based on your history and objectives and you will receive a nutrition plan guaranteed to launch you toward maximum success. The most advanced, accurate diet planning software is now at your fingertips—and it’s free!

The Macro Doc: Calculate Your Personal Macronutrients!

Thank you for being a part of The Macro Doc launch!

As part of our beta group of initial users, please understand that we're in the process of fine-tuning your search results and your experience. If you fill out this quick questionnaire, you'll be entered to win an all-expense-paid trip to an exclusive launch event later this year!

check_circle Calculate your macros now!

Calculate Your Personal Macronutrients

Let us create a macronutrient profile to help you reach your exact goals!

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Please enter your name
Please enter a valid email address
Please enter your correct age
Please enter your correct weight
Please enter your correct weight
Please enter your height in feet. Example: if you're 5ft 6.5in then enter 5 here
Please enter your height in inches. Example: if you're 5ft 6.5in then enter 6.5 here
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Please choose your gender
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person Body Type

What body type are you?

check_circle Ectomorph
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An ectomorph is a naturally thin person with a slight build and lean muscle. An ectomorph can gain body fat and seek weight-loss goals, but are metabolically more responsive and can lose weight more quickly than their counterparts. Gaining muscle is a more difficult pursuit for this body type.
check_circle Endomorph
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The endomorph body type is larger and generally higher in body fat. Endos are usually of a shorter build with thick arms and legs. The endomorph is typically strong and gains weight easily. Metabolic capacity is usually lower for this body type, making weight loss a slower endeavor.
check_circle Mesomorph
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A mesomorph has a large bone structure, fuller muscles, increased strength potential, and a naturally athletic physique. Mesomorphs typically find it easy to gain muscle due to their genetic advantage, and they can generally lose body fat with ease due to an above-average metabolism.
Please click one of the boxes above to choose your body type
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assessment Status Quo

Please describe your training activity

Training days per week
None 1-2 3-4 5 or more
Training minutes per workout
0-30 30-60 60 or more
Training intensity
Sedentary Light Moderate Extreme

Please describe your meal preferences

Please enter a value between 1 and 10 for the number of meals you eat each day
Please enter the average number of times you eat out each week (if you don't eat out, enter 0)
Please choose one of the options for each of the above questions
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assignment Goals

What are your goals?

Choose your main goal
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Lose Fat Gain Muscle Lose Fat & Gain Muscle Maintain
Choose Lose Fat if losing body fat at a pace of one to two pounds per week is your goal. Even if losing body fat is your primary goal, a healthy pace that preserves muscle and metabolic capacity is imperative.
Choose Gain Muscle if your goal is to provide a calorie surplus to promote muscle growth and weight gain, even if it means a slow increase in body fat.
Choose Lose Fat & Gain Muscle if a slower body fat loss pace is preferred to ensure slightly more calories for workout energy and recovery.
Choose Maintain if you have met your goals and are working toward sustainable, healthy food intake levels.

Choose your lifestyle level
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Moderately Active Extremely Active Physique Competitor Performance Athlete
Choose Moderately Active if you participate in recreational activity and want to gradually increase your ability to engage in fitness programming.
Choose Extremely Active if you work out regularly or engage in aggressive fitness routines or programming to enhance your health and physique.
Choose Physique Competitor if you compete in physique-related contests where maximum muscle gain and condition are both important.
Choose Performance Athlete if you train for a specific sport and energy requirements are important for performance regardless of your body composition goals.
Please choose one of the options for each of the above questions
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check_circle Calculate now!

Your Personal Daily Macronutrient Recommendations

{{ responseProtein }}g Protein
{{ responseCarbs }}g Carbohydrate
{{ responseFat }}g Fat
{{ responseKcals }} kCal

Macronutrient Profile Adjustment Options

The Macro Doc Calculator is designed and constantly updated using the latest research in metabolic science for safety, accuracy, and effectiveness, but metabolism is a spectrum. The answers selected as you create your metabolic profile and goals might create a perfect match, or you might find that you need to adjust the suggested macronutrient ranges to better fit your needs.
Consider three ways to fine-tune your Macro Doc plan:

  1. Toggle between profile variables to see if a different macronutrient range might fit your goals better.
  2. After gathering a week of progress data, you can increase or reduce energy macronutrients (carbohydrate or fat) in small increments to adjust outcome. Consider changing fat by 5 or 10 grams or carbohydrates by 20 or 25 grams.
  3. Seek additional help by using The Diet Doc on Demand link and allow a licensed Diet Doc clinician answer questions to assist in your health-building journey.
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Free Stuff to Maximize Your Macro Doc Experience!

  1. If you would like Dr. Joe’s free 30-minute video explaining macronutrient-based dieting, click here!
  2. If you would like Dr. Kori Propst’s free 20-minute video diving into motivation and how to empower yourself with a mindset of success, click here!
  3. If you are a personal trainer, coach, or nutrition consultant — or if you’d like to learn how to be one — click here to learn more about what it takes to become part of The Diet Doc Program Owner team of global experts and start building your fitness and nutrition-based career!
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