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Dr. Kori on Motivation

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Hey, guys. Have you ever wondered why you can feel so on top of your goals one day and then the next it feels like your drive has gone down the drain? Even the most determined among us have moments when our self-control lags and we may question whether we want to continue. But here’s the deal: when you understand the mechanics of motivation and the factors related most clearly to consistent goal pursuit, fledgling enthusiasm becomes expectable and part of the game. Literally, we can use it as a cue to remind ourselves of our big WHY and dig deeper! The biggest goals I have accomplished in my life were accompanied by frustration and disappointment, but I learned to use the discomfort as fuel to fan the flame of my big intentions!

Maybe you can remember times when you were racking your brain for answers to why your motivation was gone…or you’ve searched for things outside of yourself to get you to move forward, and you just couldn’t find that supercharged sense of passion and purpose. Whatever your experience has been, I know this video will help you make some sense of it.

Where your attention goes, energy flows, so let’s position our attention wisely!